Proposal for web hosting/professional website

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Proposal for web hosting/professional website

Post  Hornsby on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:15 pm

Hi, for those who do not know my I am Hornsby (my real last name) and I am more or less an internet professional and would like to give a small contribution to the clan. I know online presence is important and can really be the defining point whether or not someone looks further into your website. Old saying that first impressions are everything.

I have a dedicated server I operate a few of my personal/business websites on and have plenty of extra resources for more websites. We can get the domain: for about $5, and I do not mind paying this as I can get it for a good discount. In addition, I have vBulletin (high-end forum software) that I can use for our website. Set-up would only take a few hours. But I would like to know the opinions from members and obviously leaders if you are looking to take this clan further into the future to look into investing now before the forum has a lot of data that cannot be moved.

I am not asking for any compensation or special treatment for doing this, just looking to help in one of the best ways I know how. Very Happy

Options for domains:
If you have any other options you can find, please let me know and leadership can agree on a final choice if they go this route.


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